One of the first things a new business has to consider is advertising and marketing plans. If you look around, there are so many different types of business advertising out there. However, the best kind of advertising for new businesses is through promotional pens. Believe it or not, but promotional pens can actually provides many benefits to small businesses. If you want to know what kind of benefits promotional pens provide; then continue reading. This article is going to talk about some of the top benefits to promotional pens. These are the benefits.


The first benefit to promotional pens is its cost effectiveness. Small businesses usually do not have the capital to jump to big advertising projects. In fact, big advertising projects like advertising through television or radio ads can really make a new business bankrupt immediately. Promotional pens are great because they are very affordable. And you can also easily get a bulk of it. Promotional pens are a great way to get your business' name in front of potential customers. The cost effectiveness of promotional pens is really a great benefit.


You can liken a promotional pen to a walking advertisement; this is the second benefit. The reason why advertising through direct mail, TV, or radio is not good is because it comes and it goes. For example, a person listening to the radio might hear of a business and be interested in it, but after a few minutes, that same person can easily forget about the advertisement. But since promotional pens are something people use, they will always remember your business whenever they use the pen you have given them. Promotional pens are also great because even if people do not need anything from your business; they might remember your business when they do need something you offer. Check this website to know more!


And finally, promotional pens are great because it is something that everyone uses. If you are wondering why pens and not something else, like shirts or the likes. The answer to this question is because pens are used by everyone, male or female, no matter what age group, or what culture they have, they will use a pen. Pens are not only used by a specific group of people, but by everyone in the world. Because everyone uses a pen, everyone will be glad to accept a promotional pen. This is the last but definitely not the least benefit that promotional pens can provide for you and your business. To read more about the benefits of Promotional Pens, go to



These are the top 3 benefits to promotional pens; however, there are even more benefits that your business can receive. Looking for a great way to advertise your new business? Then you should really consider promotional pens and all the benefits they can give you and your business, click here to get started! 


It is safe to say that pens are already a part and parcel in the life of an executive officer, you might have seen them holding it at any business related transactions; pens are also placed in office desks, either in a home office or in a company. The pen that a certain person is using exudes a certain style or aura that one wants to project. The use of pens enclosed in a small case that fits perfectly in a business suit pocket or in a small handbag for women will surely add some character and style to the user. If you are using a customized pen with some inscriptions on it, you might notice people taking a glance of your pen as you write something on a piece of paper you are up for a contract signing.


There are different reasons why people go for promotional pens australia; some of them use it as present while others used it as a promotional tool, the same goes with the material and the design. The material used in making these pens vary, it could be in a form of plastic, metals, stainless steel and wood. The type of pen as well as the ink to be used is at your disposal as well, as a matter of fact you can choose something that will blend perfectly to your style of writing. If your purpose is to give it as a present to someone special then you must choose something that is in within their preference moreover the convenience in using it is vital factor as well.


Kinds of Personalised Pens


Some of the pens that you can choose from are as follows: the classic fountain pens, pens with varying ballpoint tips, or the roller ball pens. The kind of ink use in ballpoint pens and roller ball pens also vary, ballpoint pens are oil-based while the roller ball pens are liquid or gel based inks, the writing action of roller ball pen is also smoother the it produces finer lines compared to ballpoint pens. In roller ball pens, the ink that is used must be of high quality so that staining or blotching at the back of the paper can be avoided. As much as possible you have to let it dry for how many seconds before you can actually fold the paper or run your hand to it, this way you can avoid some smears or blot. The things mentioned earlier are just a few things that you need to keep in mind when using roller ball pens, if followed properly you would surely love the neat and very clear output. If you want something that will last long then the best option is ballpoint pens. For more facts and info about Promotional Pens, Visit



If you want the classic fountain pens at that are customized then you can either used a refillable cartridge or the disposable ones.


One of the most useful items in our day to day activities are the pens and yet you can agree that we have the tendency also to overlook the purpose and value of this item. Whether this item is placed atop an beautiful corporate desk, or held by an executive, or gracing your office or home desk, this is an accessory that is always ready for our use.


The personalized pens industry are producing billions of pens every year and they bring these out in different materials and styles for our corporate or personal gifts. Pens come in different materials that will form the components or parts of the body like wood, plastic and metals like brass and stainless steel. Also, both pen and the ink itself can be of various kinds and you can choose which one would matches your style and convenience. Know more About Pens here!


Depending on who you would like to give the pen to or your use, you can choose the type of pen. There are called classic fountain pens that use ink through a nib, roller ball pens, or pens with ballpoint tips. With a ballpoint pen, the ink is thick and oil based, while the roller ball pens have gel or liquid that makes writing smoother and a more fluid motion. 


The next kind of pen is the traditional personalized pen and it can be refilled because it comes with a cartridge that you can fill with ink, or you can opt for that type with a disposable cartridge. This is a rather old school type of pen that parents and grandparents who had some experience of writing with them will welcome this as your gift to them. The younger generation of today would find receiving a pen as a gift to be delightful, especially they are more into typing rather than writing.


Pens can be used as corporate gifts to high ranking officials or important clients that will signify your appreciation of their services and business. Some companies would order pens with inscription of the logo of the company, or give to their employees during special occasions like anniversary, together with their promotions or raises. To read more about the benefits of Promotional Pens, go to


You can also use personalized pens as your marketing and promotional tools with company logos or slogans, and you can make these as your giveaways during conferences, trade shows, seminars and so on to the attendees. Learn more About Pens here!



Note that if you engrave names, logos and messages in order to create personalized pens, this would need a high level of expertise thus you need shops to do the job which have the right tools and technique. Engraving and printing tools are available in these special shops, with pad printing, silkscreen printing and visual foil transfer printing, that will give you a perfect personalized pen.